solaris install problems


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when i am installing solaris 10 i will select interactive install and continue until i come to a hardware screen. everything seems to be ok so i continue, it will then sit there and do nothing, does anyone know why this could be happening?


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wtf are you talking about? solaris doesn't come with viruses any more than any other unix does!

hmm, there could be hardware problems. when my motherboard started going out, it would cause windows xp installer and fedora installer to hang.

~mr mixx~

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Not shure what program that is, but some software that you want to install will have you disable your ant-virus 1st before installing.

The reason being that anti-virus are monitoring your hhd all the time and checking for unauthorized applications or scripts...

If this is not the case, then i would have to say that either your CD/ or Cd drive lens are dirty, try cleaning both , then try again.

If it still won't work, either you have a bad copy of the program, or there is a conflict somewhere.

If all else fails, try to install in safe mode...


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egad!! solaris is not a program! its an UNIX operating system!!! it was made available for free for the first time last year. the latest version is 10. its more popular in academic circles. it was eclipsed by BSD over 15 years ago. it is made by Sun Microsystems, the same company that makes Java. it would be alot better if it came with looking glass. for those who don't know what looking glass is, it is an alternative to kde/gnome that puts Apple's Aqua to shame. its also made by Sun.

as for Mr. Mixx's advise, follow the non-windows part :) he knows his stuff, just not UNIX :D