Software installed itself!?!

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Monster Techie
What sort of windows what are they displaying? what url are they coming from?

Sounds like some sort of scumware!
This happens regardless of the site your visiting? Even at sites that do not normally have pop-ups? Sounds like either a cookie or something embeded in the registry, you may have to check around for a few other spyware programs, maybe try adaware.
Hell ya! I love that proggie. works every time!
I ran that Ad-Aware program when i was at work, and in windows. And it found quite a few things, one thing that i noticed was it showed Comet Cursor loaded up and could not delete it becuase it was in use. I'm to lazy to load back up into windoze right now, so hopefully someone will reply, should i NOT be running IE?? Or does that really matter, i wasn't at a site running commet cursors or anything like that. Well i'm gonna shut this machine down and go to bed, got to be up in about 6 hours, to go to work....


TurdBurglar said:
Why not just use Mozilla? The inbuilt 'dont allow unrequested windows' option works great!
Galeon, in Linux. I have never had one single popup's great!
Might Help

Look in your startup folder it sounds like a program is running in the background.I had to clean up the same thing a few weeks ago.
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