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Hi There

Machine seems to have developed a problem with loading software. I am running Win XP, without SP2 after it buggered up some of my programs and required reformatting the machine.

After reformatting I have been loading on programs as and when I need them. A couple of days ago I tried to install Visual Studio again. During the install it was trying to install Run Time files when it jamed up completely. It required a hard boot to get it going again. I tried again to install VS and had the same problem. So I though stuff it I will look at it when I have time.

A little while later I had some windows updates that came down and needed installing (NOT SP2). These updates came down ok, however during the install they jammed and would not install completely. I tried a couple of times but still no luck.

Today I have tried to download and install Adobe Acrobat reader. Once again downloads fine gets 75% into the install and then jams. I am lost as to what to do. The problem is not with a set program, or set software manufacturer so I am boiling it down to a windows problem, but how do I fix it, without having to reformate the whole thing again.

Some other notes, all the software is legal, there is no illegal stuff on the machine. I have tried to get support from Windows, but as my software was supplied by the machine manufacturer the support lies with them. A bit silly as they have no idea, I know I have tried. Someone mentioned it could be my Nortons Intenet Security that was effecting the machine. I have tried disconnecting from the net switching off the Nortons and installing. Same problem.

Another thing worth mentioning. I had the idea of trying to install the programs from the Administrator account. When I tried to log into the Admin account, it got halfway into loading the account and then jammed again. Once again pointing to a possible Windows problem.

Any advice would be very welcome.


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I have found lots of lockup problems stem from mis matched memory. Do you have matched sticks of memory?-Also use the msconfig command from the run window and eliminate unnessasary boot files-IE quick time,search bars etc.


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The machine is a manufacturer produced Laptop, about 3 years old. I would guess it has matched memory sticks as I have not touched them.


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If everything is legal, why don't you install SP2, you have nothing to worry about. With it's background intelligent transfer (BIT), it will install itself and then remove all unncessary files.
You could also use your disk cleanup tool to remove all unnecessary junk. (If you haven't used this in a while, you might be surprised at how much junk, that can pile up.
Then you should defragment your hard disk to have everything nealty set to install a program. You could also go and get Tweakui from Microsoft and go through all the points to maximize your system efficiency. If you have two drives, you should have your swapfile on the drive that is not occupied by the operating system or windows, and should set you swapfile at 1.5 times the amount of RAM your system have and set that value for both minimum and maximum to limit fragmentation.
you can go to for more tweaks.


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install windows xp then install sp2 before you install any program because most programs will not work correclty


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i had some problems with installs freezing on windows update ive got a fix so reply if you want it i dont have it with me. it involved deleting files from \windows\software distribution folder