Soft touch keyboard(little/no feedback from keys)

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a soft touch keyboard? My G11 is great but apparently my typing can be too loud! pfft light sleeper!

So anyway, I'm trying to look for a cheap alternative to use when The British Isles are facing away from the Sun.:thumbsup:

I basically need a no frills keyboard that has very soft touch keys, or maybe something totally flat were you're not even pressing down anything.

any recommendations would be much apprieciated.
You could get one of those rubber roll-up keyboards, they make very little noise. Not very good for gaming, though. Or for fast typists as the friction is noticeable if you're like me and slide your fingers over the keys.
my only concern with one of those was maybe that it would be a tad unresponsive, or it would be easy to accidentally press the key next to the one you want. Could give one a go though, they're not very expensive.

EDIT: well I went with one from ebay, you can get them for like £3 from kong hong. I decided to go with an English company and the keyboard looks a tad better quality(no doubt still from kong kong). £7 with free postage, I'll only use if I'm up late anyway so hopefully it'll suffice.

Cheers for suggesting them though, they had slipped my mind!
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