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Ok so my mom needed an ink cartridge for her printer, so she gave me the old one, and i dug up out of my droor an old (like 4 years!) ink cartridge, (the ink was probally crusty, but the cartridge was in it original packaging NEVER USED...) I walked in to staples, and gave them my moms cartridge(the hp) and said i need this replaced and i wanted to return the other one (the epson...the one that was never used and 4 years old) the lady scanned the epson it said $31.99, she asked if i had a receipt and i said no and just talked...then she scanned the new HP one (my moms) and the cash register said $19.99, i know i bought the epson at staples, but my point and the cool thing about this story is, i did not have a receipt, and she changed it out, and i got a a $12 gift card to staples!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY SOCIAL ENGINEERING STORYS?

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wow, that's not bad. you got lucky! I never spend ridiculous amounts on cartridges, i just buy the ink refillers...they work pretty well. but I cant think of any stories right now...i know i have some, but just can't think right now


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Erm, Thats not social engineering.. Social Engineering is like.. for example, when you call an administator for a network posing as a hired tech that needs the root password and insist on them giving it to you as if you are supposed to have it.

Its making people act a certain way, or believe a certain falsehood that they would not normally.

I go in places like that all the time with no receipt and get things, thats why you got a gift card, not actual cash.


If you guys are into social engineering, you really need to read Kevin Mitnick's "The Art of Deception" GREAT book, yes it gives you great ideas, but also how to protect yourself from them.


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Aight, ill check it out. I'm a cool cat, real smooth when it comes to talking and manipulation. Also, being in the National Forensic League, that can only help me.


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....I haven't heard someone say the words cool, cat, and real smooth in the same sentence without trying to make fun of old timey stuff in like... ever


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Well one time we bought some things from the BX at 75% off. There were big ticket items I think MP3 players orginally they cost 400 some dollars. Well 3 weeks later after selling one on ebay it didn't work. So we refuned the guy his money and told him sorry all good and well. So we went to the store to return it didn't have a recipt. Guy range it up for 400 bucks. My dad was fixing to say somthing till I jabed him. We made about 300 bucks off it.


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thats not social engineering...

neither of those stories are..

social engineering is a term applied to things ike hacking...

examples of social engineering are
starting a thread saying you're doign a domestic study asking names of pets past and present - to find popular pet names
asking people about their family herritage to get their mothers maiden name...
asking peopoe about the first place they worked...
asking people what their favorite food is...

(you'll notice that all of these things are used on email account for the reset password easy to remember question).

Social engineering is tricking someone into telling you something that they wouldn't otherwise have told you...
not keeping someone talking so that they don't notice that you are returning fautly/worn out goods.

this is social engineering...