So... trying to decide on an MP3 player...


Fully Optimized
The title says it all. I am not sure what to use as a decent music device. Nothing good for the cost.

I only have about 100 MB of music files, so I do not need much, but all of the smaller storage MP3 devices that I have seen cost more than the bulk storage devices when it comes to cost/storage ratio. Any suggestions?


You don't have a smartphone? I haven't used mp3 players since I got a smartphone.

Here's one I found at Walmart for $10. Vertigo 2GB MP3 Player, Assorted Colors -

Holds 2GB which more than fits your needs. Are you sure you don't want to allow for expansion of your music library? Personally, I'd want more storage but if you truly only have 100MB of music files...

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
I got me a nice 8 gb ipod from a pawn shop for only $15 bucks. Either option is a good one, for the prices of electronics has come down through the years.