So I need to speed up my Website

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United Kingdom
I have a website that is live and operational however it is slow. The Page Insight speed is low.
And since yesterday it has somehow gotten worse and all I did was install then uninstall a plugin. I need to do a clean up I think off old CSS and such. There are details of what I need to change on that speed insight result but the guide on how to fix it there is not good. I tried some of the fixes and it had 0 effect. Is there some code examples or better information I can get from you forum users about how I can speed up my Wordpress based site. It is using Woocommerce and Dokan in a multi-vendor setup.

Btw this site I made it because I was disgusted by the conduct and privacy policies of Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay (/Gumtree), Youtube & every single social media/ecommerce platform. Incase you are wondering after looking at the name and checking it. It is 100% functional it is just a speed issue which I think can be optimized I just need some expert community advice on how to do this and in a way that does not cause it to be slower. Using some of the plugins for wordpress does absolutely nothing for me and infact 2 made it worse.