So here is my list.....


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for a gaming computer that I am wanting to purchase. I am wanting to purchase this system from . I am purchasing this system to mainly operate Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I will post the entire system components. I know I could probably get away with a different video card but the main reasone I am choosing this card is because I had read somewhere online that that card will operate Flight Sim X at MAX setting with no problems. That was just using one card as well so I assume the dual cards would be even that much better.

I do have one main question. Is there a different video card that is crossfire capable that is as good if not a better graphics card for less money? If so which would you recommend?

I had read that with the 5850, the one card would support up to 3 monitors. Not sure that I would ever reach the point of using 6 monitors (looking to build somewhat of a flight sim cockpit later down the road)

So here is my list:

Game Fire 60o System AMD

Case - NZXT Apollo Gaming Case

Noise Reduction - None

Internal Expansion -None

Case Lighting - Red

Processor - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

Processor Cooling - Free upgrade liquid cooling

Memory - 4GB

Video Card - ATI Radeon HD5850 1 GB Crossfire Mode (Dual Cards)

Free Stuff - Stalker & Battleforge

Motherboard - GA-890GPA-UD3H-AMD 890 GX

Power Supply - 1000 Watt Gaming Series Quad SLY +Active PFC

Primary Hard Drive - 500gb

Optical Drive - 24x Dual Format

Flash Media Reader/Writer - 12-n-1 Internal

Sound Card - 3d Premium Surround Sound Onboard

Network Card - Onboard LAN Network (gb or 10/1000)

Netbook/Notebook Bundle - None

Operating System - Windows 7 64 Bit

Wireless Network Adapter - Linksys wusb600n 802.11n Dual Band

Is there anything you would change? Possibly the type of video cards or will these suffice for monitors between 23-26"?


P.S. THE TOTAL PRICE IS JUST UNDER $1700. I would like to go cheaper if all possible. I just do not want a system that will be "just enough" to "get by" with. Thanks for the help.


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$1700?! Good lord that is overpriced.

Build the same system yourself, and it will knock several hundred off the cost.

Psu is epic overkill

Why are you trying to max FS X? Micro$oft has laid off their entire flight simulator team, there will never be any updates, new versions, etc. I highly recommend you make the switch to Laminar Research X-plane, and redesign your system around it. You will get superior flight patterns, much superior visuals, and there will be new versions in the future. X-plane is CPU heavy, not GPU, so I recommend you go with a core i7 930, and a 2GB 5850 to handle all the objects and the resolution of the eyefinity setup. It does not support crossfireX, so only get one card.

If you really want to stick to FSX though, I still recommend the 2GB framebuffer. It makes a world of difference at high resolutions.