So close to being able to install Windows

I am so close to being able to install windows! But I have encountered a problem. Note I bought my Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra Socket 939 motherboard RETAIL and It didn't come with a floppy with SCSI Drivers.

I have found the drivers online and burnt them to a floppy disc. I start installing Windows and it says I need to specify another device to install scsi drivers.

It then asks me to insert the manufacturers floppy. I insert mine with the drivers and it didn't even try and think. So I flipped the floppy disc connector upside down and the green light does go when it is searching.
It asks me again to insert the floppy as if I didn't insert it in the first place.

I have a Samsung Spinpoint 80GB SATA 150 Hard drive with a Gigabyte GA-K8NS ULTRA SOCKET 939 Motherboard.

I don't want to call Gigabyte's tech support twice in one day so I hope you guys can help!


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i'd call their asses, thats what they get paid to do, answer stupid people and all. j/k. but what drivers are these? when i changed my mobo/cpu/video all i did was reformatte and wa-la installed video drivers and mobo drivers and i was done, i never needed a floppy. good thing too because i dont have one

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you don't need to install the scsi drivers.......just proceed with windows install