Smoke and more smoke

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Dell Dimension 4400, XPh, 640RAM, 120 GB WD drive, 40 GB seagate.

On Father's Day, I was online. I started my dinner. After my meat was cooked, I noticed smoke coming out of the oven. I opened the door and flames shot out. I took my fire extinguisher and aimed for the door. After the fire seemed to be out, smoke billowed out of the kitchen for 15 minutes. It was so thick that you could not see three feet in front. My pc, monitor and HP Laserjet were subject to said smoke. After the smoke cleared, I washed the chemical residue off my meat. I saw down at the pc. I noticed that the monitor was wavy. I shut off everything and I tried to use the pc a hour later. All it would do it go to the Dell splash screen, then the Windows XP black screen, crash and then try to reboot.

The next day I took the unit to my local shop. The tech said that when he opened the case, it smelled of smoke. He said that he thought the power supply and mobo might be affected. However, since they are Dell proprietery items, he could not put them into another case for testing.

So, is my pc a total bust? My Dell monitor and HP Laserjet seem to work fine. The tech recommends that I buy a new pc.

Right now I'm at the mercy of the public library computers.


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he can test the ps without moving it to another case with a power supply tester. the mobo he can hook up to another pc


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I really dont see how that could affect your computer that way. I would try to clean any dust your computer may have acumulated and reinstall windows it should fix the problem.
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