Smart & Friendly CDRW 2224

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I'm having trouble locating a driver and CD-Recording program to use with my fathers SAF CDRW 2224.

Has anybody managed to get it working within WindowsXP?

I've managed to find a firmware update for Windows95/98, but am not looking forward to teaching my dad how to dual-boot Win98/WinXP. It was hard enough educating him how to use WinXP, I'm not changing back to Win98.

It's an IDE Drive and the current driver version (according to WindowsXP drive properties) is 5.1.2535.0 - not sure how relevant that is.

I've tried Roxio EasyCD Creator 5.0 Platinum with the 5.1 Update .. didn't detect the drive. Nor does CDRWin. I might have to revert back to Adaptec EasyCD Pro v2.11c

Can anybody help?
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