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Hi guys
I live in rural france where internet speeds are very slow, 2.1mps where I live.
Recently my speed has been dropping to about 10kbs! When I reset my isp provided modem/router the speed jumps back up to around 2mps and then drops back down into the kps range over the space of about an hour. A fresh reset then pushes the speed back up again.
I have contacted my isp and they have informed me that work is being carried out on the lines/exchange to improve the service but that the works will not be completed until 2020!!! I told them that I thought that the problem was not with the incoming adsl line but with the modem router....They changed the equipment for new but the problem persists. We only have one isp who covers our area (state owned and they maintain all of the old copper lines) so a change of isp is not possible. Is there a method to check if I am being throttled by my isp which a restart is reseting for a short period of time?
Are they actively working in your area at the moment? If not, have them take a look at your signal noise and maybe there's an issue with the lines to your house (corroded, chewed through, etc.).
They say that they are working at the exchange and fitting fiber to the local hub which is 800 mts from me. When we where completely disconnected a few months ago (for three weeks with no refund on the bill) the line man that came out said that the cooper lines where so old that they where falling apart!!
That being said I cant understand why doing a hard reset on the modem speeds things up for a short period of time
Another thing to try is disconnect every single device except one to do tests on. With speeds that slow anything that hits the connection will cause it to drop for others. I had this exact issue when I used to live in a rural area myself.
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