Slow shut down . . .


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I am in the midst of setting up my network in my house, wireless of course. In doing this, I've noticed a problem with my girlfriend's Toshiba laptop. It will not shut down. It will shut off after 15 minutes, but I've read that this isn't really shutting down.

Anyway, I've scoured the Internet looking for ways to fix this and nothing helps. I have tried everything that I can think of. I have run the latest windows updates and updated all software. I have also run the spyware and virus detectors and the basic stuff like that. I have also tried ending certain tasks and seeing what the problem is. It does work properly in safemode, so I don't know if maybe it is something more than the software? I am very close to reinstalling Windows, but I shouldn't have to resort to this should I?

Another problem "we're" having is with Zonealarm. I installed Zonealarm a year ago when she got it. I went to shut it off to get on my network and the computer flipped out on me. Nothing will open up so I have to restart. Well, see the above paragraph and you can see why this is agravating. I cannot uninstall Zonealarm either through its uninstall or through the Control Panel.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am getting to my wit's end.
Shutting off after 15 minutes will be Stand by. On a Laptop, I would have thought this would be perfectly fine they don't make any noise. If you want it off... you shold switch it off? Or do you want it to automatically turn off? Or does it not switch off when you say Start > Shut down > Shut down? Sometimes the power button is set up to stand by too so if you're using that try the normal way.

Zone Alarm... rather you than me :p When you go to Task Manager > Processes, can you close any Processes that look like Zone Alarm? Obviously don't try it if you don't feel safe with it but that would be how I would do it. I can't tell you exactly which to close because I don't use it. That would be the only way to uninstall it if it doesn't want to be uninstalled. Or you could call their Support, they should know exactly.