slow internet speed


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I have Century Link internet and have always had good luck with it. I pay for 40mbps, and according to my status in the modem am getting 50.11 mpbs.
My connection slows down almost immediately after doing a speed test it seems to me. Sometimes it will be okay for a while, other times it doesn't.
I've noticed that if I uninstall my network driver, then re-start the pc the speed comes back but not for very long.
Is it possible that my onboard network card is losing its ability to connect? Or what the heck is going on that I cannot figure out? I've cleared the cache multiple times, have run Malwarebytes, CCleaner and Glary utilities constantly so I don't think it is a problem with junk files. I have Norton with Century Link and have never had problems with it.


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First of all, there is no need to run CCleaner and Glary all the time. Sometimes they can cause more problems that they solve, if they even solve anything other than freeing storage.

Secondly, it's not weird that you get high speeds when doing speed tests. Some ISPs will increase your bandwidth when you are running tests.

A few things you might want to try:


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Replace your ethernet cable and then isolate the issue to only your computer, if it's happening on just one pc, replace the Ethernet adapter or get usb WiFi Ethernet adapter.