Slot CD Drive Mod?

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Is there such a thing - I mean a way to mod a typical CD Rom Drive to be a slot CD Rom Drive? If you know of any mod like this, please give me a link.

-Dion :D
no sorry, im sure its possible but it wouldnt be worth the effort and money youd put into it, especially if you look at the prices of slot-loading cd-roms on
I would get a slot CDR Drive but I have a 72X Kenwood CD Drive and I've been really happy with the speed (trust me, it's noticable) so I'd hate to change. Perhaps I could buy a cheap slotted CD Drive and rip that open and try and put them together or something. But since nothing is standard, I doubt they would go together as well as I'd hope but maybe...

I'll let you know if I find anything.
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