slipstream SATA drivers to Win XP install CD

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Ok, so I was directed to this forum as I mentioned in the hardware area that I was having a hard time getting XP to install on my Seagate Barricuda HD, is 360GB. (as my knowledge is limited in hardware it is none existent with software)

I originally installed XP on the HD a year ago and had no issues, took smoothly first try with an XP SP2 CD I acquired.

Lent the CD to my brother in law...should have known better...never got it back.

Acquired a new one a couple of months ago with valid working key, is a newer version with SP2 as well. This time no go after the reformat, can't get it to take, hangs on install saying some files are corrupted. At first i thought it was my copy but I've since installed it on 3 seperate IDE HDs no problems at all on anyone of them, activated and downloaded latest updates no problem. With the SATA same thing every install (have tried atleast 6 times now), get corrupt files during install, i can skip them and finish the install but it slugs along, IF it loads, and eventually crashes on me after 10-15 minutes once in XP.

Anyways, was reading this thread as directed by Makavei213

and i was wondering if i should be having these problems with an XP cd with SP2 or is it just that my HD is gone?

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Agreed with Eric, could possibly be one of the things that he listed. I'd say try testing your RAM first; run Memtest86 overnight and see if it gives you any errors.


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ehh, I've never had problems thus far skipping files, but eric's right... don't skip. unless you know the files you are skipping that's not a good idea.


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I know it's not the RAM or the ROM (have tried the SATA HD on two different systems)....and the CD, don't really know but not a single problem on 3 different IDE systems. atleast 6 straight failed installs on the SATA.


[edit]lol, pretty clueless on software but i do know that skipping files is bad, but after two straight failed attempts i was willing to start trying different things[/edit]


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Well first thigns first. Lets try MemTest86 and make sure that the RAM is good. Also how about the formats? Are you full or quick formatting?

That is a link to the ISO file in rar form. Download that and extract it with WinRar. Use ImgBurn to burn it to CD.

Burning ISO Images with ImgBurn - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

There is a guide how to do that. Run MemTest86 for at least 4 hours. Return with results. :D

Side note. Glad to see someone reads what i post. :p


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there an intel sata controller that they messed the driver up for it. people think that you need the hard driver driver. no, you need he sata control driver to see the hdd. what your mobo's name?
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