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Now that we have come to the conclusion that my motherboard is fried, I need to start looking for a new one. I have been a pc gamer for a long time, and when I had built my current PC I went with a normal motherboard w/o SLI. Now that I'm back in the market I think I should take the step up. The only problem is that I have not kept myself up to date on SLI motherboards. I'm not sure what brands to go with, or how much I should be paying.

The motherboard I am looking for needs to be
DDR2 Ram
Nvidia compatible

I am not hardcore into overclocking, but I would like a little freedom to OC

PRICE: Around 100$ would be great, but from what I have looked that may be a problem. So I will set my budget to no more than 200$ unless you insist that I need to spend more.

Any suggestion or advice will help, because at the moment I am in the dark.


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EVGA doesn't make a lot of boards for AMD chips. I've really only seen once and it doesn't support SLI.


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Thanks for the two motherboard recommendations, I plan on purchasing one of them sometime this week.

I have one more question though before I actually buy.

After looking at comments on SLI, I have noticed that some have had a bad experience with SLI. Most are saying that you need a good CPU to back it up, but they do not specify on what a "good" CPU is.

My CPU is AMD 6000+
nvidia 9600

What are your thoughts, should I see a noticeable increase?

PS: As a graphics whore I would love to play Crysis on the highest settings with reasonable framerate.

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Your CPU is decent enough.

If you're going SLI with your Nvidia 9600, you wont see much of a performance increase. You would be much better off getting a more powerful video card than another 9600 and running SLI.