slackware won't let me partition my hd

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i'm trying to install slack on my pc, but when i do cfdisk to partition my disk, it says i don't have permission to access my drive. i do all this as root, so i can't see what the problem is. i already have the partition set up, i just need to set it as the target partition. please help

Tell me how are you installing, are you installing it with an OS already on it and then during the installation, the program will delete it. But you just need to open Windows and type, "deltree *.*", and it will delte the OS so you can start ova
what?? what program are you talking about and how can i open windows when i'm booting off a cd?? and there's no os i need to delete, i ahve an open 30gb partition i made specifically for slackware...
i think i figured out the problem. slack's default kernel is 2.4, which doesn't support sata hd's. how do i boot it into a 2.6 kernel?
well, in sarge i used qtparted to format the partition and make it ext3, but if i just run setup from the slackware disk it says that no partitions were found.. the problem is that the 2.4 kernel doesn't recognize sata drives, so even if it was already partitioned (which it is) it still won't recognize it. i need a way to get it to boot into a 2.6 kernel. with debian sarge i have to type linux26 becasue teh default is also 2.4, but it doesn't work in slackware...
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