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ok maybe this will end up getting moved but i read the announcement and i saw that you wanted to know skills to help the site grow, i have skills and ideas, but i am not sure how they would help,

ok so i can sur fthe web and find pretty much anything i have to, to get done what needs doing, i am good at design and can build some pretty mean site, when i have finished doing the one i am working on at the moment then you can all see it, the only problem i have is finding a a free website host that supports front page extension, buttons, theme'e etc, ok so that sounds crap but the site kicks ass, well at least i think so, will show you lot when i have finished building it like i said, hope i can be of some use, thanks
Thanks b.dave. I look forward to seeing your site when done. Please PM me some more info what you can do/have done and I may be able to trade for hosting or something.
i have started a thread with the link in for something i am going to be improving slowly
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