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Wizard of Wires
There will always be idiots flying where they are not supposed to. Airports are a serious no no. You make yourself a hazard to safe navigation. All for the cheap thrill of getting an up close video of a plane taking off or landing. With modern jet engines able to inhale a turkey size object, the odds of bring down a modern commercial jet aircraft are slim. But prop driven planes and older jets don't have this ability so one can be brought down.

Others will climb to 1000 or 2000 feet and buzz around taking videos. And that's a serious no no for the same reason as buzzing an airport. You're in the way. And there's an added danger to altitude runs. The power required to fly straight up is more than the power needed just to buzz around at lower altitudes. I get 20 minutes on my hex just putting around the field. But when I put the spurs to her and climb straight up to 400AGL a third of the battery is gone. Getting back down under power and in full control eats up the rest. I get just as cool videos from 400AGL as they do from 2000 feet and I'm not in the way of air traffic.
The problem they run in to is doing a full power straight up climb to 2000 feet will for all intense purposes take 1/2 to 3/4 of any LiPo battery. Suddenly it's not responding to their commands or is intermittingly responding.
It falls like a 3 (or better) pound rock coming down to only God knows where. And they post the videos on YouTube like a trophy. When you say something to them I have gotten responses like they've done it before and got away with it.

Piss ant shitheads like that will get our hobby shut down and make it a crime to fly a model. I'll be damned. I'll fly mine any way. As long as I stay under 400 feet and mind my own business, they can plant a big ol sloppy wet kiss on my posterior end.
Don't get me started. I don't have the bandwidth left to say what's really on my mind.
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