similar to HP spectre x360 4k 15 monitor


Daemon Poster
I have hp spectre x360 laptop that I owned for little over a year
and of course just like all my other HP products it started to break constantly for no reason. right after warranty expired.

the monitor cracked I fixed that luckily with ebay for cheap

now the laptop is having the issue where its plugged in but not charging
or charging but not properly( it charges but doesn't show "charging"
and when I play Minecraft the battery discharges to zero and laptop shuts off even when plugged in.
with 2 different chargers and even after resetting and running battery tests which all pass

now that's out of the way..

im looking for sggestions for a more reliable brand or model that doesn't have as many issues
I do want a slim laptop similar to this one. this is a great looking laptop and I love the design. that's why I bought it in the first place. it looks cool and had decent specs also

HP Spectre x360 - 15-bl012dx

main things im looking for:
4k display
usb-C charging
sd or micro sd card slot
screen doesn't really matter 13,15,17 is ok