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I've got a Samsung S7 Active. In our house(basement-where we spend the majority of our time) I have 3 bars but am unable to make or receive phone calls. Basement is 12" block and house has a tin roof. Wife can make and receive calls on an Apple 6S. Daughter's Apple 11Pro only works sometimes.I've been looking at a HiBoost Cell Signal Booster. Just recently there has been a new tower installed that has allowed us to have any signal at all and to get ATT fixed internet. Anybody have any opinions about wether this would help us to make phone calls or not? Thanks, Hoot

PP Mguire

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Your best bet is to use wifi calling. She can get calls on the iPhone from other iPhone users due to call to call and iMessage are via data/wifi. See if you can get a booster from ATT before you purchase a universal booster.