sick of my antivirus software

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I'm looking for a good all in one program that can scan for virus's and spyware/adware.

Are there any GOOD ones even out there? (yes i am familiar with spybot and lavasoft, but I'd like it to all be in one app)
I've heard good things about zone alarm but when I tried it it was just firewalls. I'll try it again.

Thank you.
baronvongogo said:
zonealarm basic is just a firewall, but the internet security suite has built in spyware and anti virus.
as above, its called "suite", thats the operative word here;)

Ive got zonealarm pro, thats firewall and anti spyware, its excellent, dont even know its running either:cool:
Nod32. Ewido. Spybot. The perfect combo.
No point getting a 'all in one' when the you could get better separate.
he wanted an all in one package not an anti virus.

EDIT: all in one packages are going to be the way forward with panda security and many others starting to release them. They can also be just as good.
baronvongogo said:
he wanted an all in one package not an anti virus.
Yes but i do not see the point?
Please he too lazy to run 3 separate programs when it could offer him better security and protection?
I am trying to help here.
Admittedly Even if I had an all in one, I would still have separate spyware software but I'm a security freak :).

But an all in one package is good for your average user, many dont know how to use spyware or virus products. An all in one system would be easier for them, and if all you do is download music browse the web and check mail it`ll work just fine.

It would Also cut down memory usage just have one program, Im sure its the way forward.
I understand your point and I would also have separate spyware software if i were to use a all in never know an all in one package may not be updated properly or not have sufficent protection :) Better safe than sorry.
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