Shuttle SN45Gv2 Sound problem


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Well my first post and I hope some one out there can shed some light on my little problem.

I have a SN45G v2 which was working fine win Windows XP (SP2) on there. Then I went and bought a Wireless router WGT624 and the WG311T wireless netgear card.

I originally set the router up using CAT5, so I could at least make sure this worked fine and I had no problem. Once all that was done I installed the NetGear card into my Shuttle.

Every thing was working fine, speed set at 108Mpbs, signal strength 100% and I couldn't be happier... UNTIL................

I tried to play an MP3 from my downloads machine over the network, and the smile turn to a frown. For some reason since I have installed this card the sound is so low, even when the speakers are turn up full.

Chipset drivers that where installed at the time where:
4.27 nForce2 Ultra

So I removed the NetGear card, formatted my machine (as I wanted / needed to do in the first place) and then did a fresh install of Windows XP. Once I was in windows I installed the chipset drivers that came with the Shuttle from the CD, which I know that works. However I am getting the same problem.

I have checked:
1. The lead is in the right socket on the back
2. Control Panel volume is set to max
3. I have stated I only have 2 speakers
4. Loaded the Sound Storm / Mixer and put every thing at max and set the speakers to 2 only again.

But the sound was the same. There are no conflcitions with the IRQ's when loading up, no errors in device manager, and the sound devices looked to be installed fine.

So if there is anyone out there who can shed some light on my problem so I can go wirless on my shuttle, then on my main machine, please, please let me know.

Thanks for any come back from anyone.