Should one be paid more for being BiLingual?

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We have been having a debate here about the merits of spanish speaking Customer Service Representatives.

My opinion is that speaking spanish is an ability that is in demand where we work and therefore should be compensated for. Here where we work there is a seperate spanish queue, and the spanish speaking reps get put in it, and therefore take more calls, yet make the same wages as everyone else.

Just wondering what some of your opinions on the subject are?
Now im bilingual , and say im a Customer Serv. Rep. When you think about it , all my words are coming out of the same mouth.Its not like I have to warm up my spanish speakng voice and is costing me money.So no , I'd have to say that equal pay for every rep. Unless the employer offers some extra cash just for speaking spanish , or any other second language , then i'd accept and exploit this vulnerability in my employer ! :money: :laughing: :money:
no, never.. nah huh.. until we are taught (for this example) english in school along with spanish it will be fair. I have never gone to mexico expecting someone to learn english.. that is a spainsh speaking country.
Problem is we arent discussing whether or not all people who come to this country should learn english. You just being bullheaded. I agree that we shouldnt HAVE to have spanish speakin reps.

Issue here is that WE ARE IN FLORIDA and we have LOTS of customers who speak only spanish. Whether they should learn english or not is irrelevant. Think of this from a buisness perspective. If we told every customer that only spoke spanish "Go learn english or we arent helping you!" We would lose quite a few customers.

Fact of the matter is, its a skill that is in demand, and its one that many of us dont have. I think people who have to take MORE calls because of this ability should ad least get a small raise.
Who cares, in 80 years all language spoken on earth will be English.

Ponder about that. ;)
mexico = spanish
America = english
canda = some english, some french

not bull headed, but if you are expected to speak the native launguage then there is no demand...

this is as stupid of a thing as paying black people more to speak ebonics.. that went over well in CA. *flame suit on*
You are being bullheaded because your arguing something that isnt even a question that has been asked, and your ignoring the real conversation.
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