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I got an OCZ Vendetta 2, as some of you might remember. I mainly got it for my AM2 build, but something happened, and now I have an LGA775 build. I see the retention bracket is back in stock for $15 (including shipping to me), but that seems to be a bit much.
I'm tempted to use my Vendetta 2 instead of just having it sit there and collect dust. I will be using the push pins (know its not recommended) because I don't have any other way unless I fish out that $15. Right now, I am using the stock.

Should I put the Heatsink on? Or should I just let it sit there?
Anybody have any troubles using these huge heatsinks with just push pins?

EDIT - Yay, I havent worked on a computer in almost half a year (scared to work on mine because of my XFX board (known to die out quickly), and the push pins of the 775). I couldnt sleep, so I thought I would do some cable management. So far I did pretty good. Would post pics, but dont have a camera. Just felt like saying that. :p

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I probably wouldn't use the heatsink without the bracket that is meant to go with it. I wouldn't trust plastic push pins that seem to break all the time. If something happens and one of the pins breaks and the heatsink breaks contact with the cpu, then you'll be in trouble.