Should i upgrade RAM? (from 4gb to 6gb)


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Hi everyone,

I'm going to buy a computer that has the following specs:

AMD Phenom x4 965 black edition (quad core, 3.4 Ghz per core)
4 GB DDR 3
nVidia Geforce GTX 470
motherboard: ASUS M4a78

I can ask to modify the computer before buying it.
I was wondering if it was a good idea to upgrade my RAM from 4gb to 6gb? (considering games in the future might use more than 4gb ram)
Or will my CPU or GPU be the bottleneck instead of the RAM? (in which case i'd better spend that extra money on a new graphics card maybe)

Thanks and cheers!


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With graphics, if you are using an integrated graphics through the mobo, it will then pull from your normal RAM to use as the graphical RAM. If you have a 3rd party video card installed on the mobo, the graphics should be pulled directly from the Graphic Card's RAM. So the answer to your question if you are just wanting to make sure you have enough RAM for gaming down the road, is to make sure that your video card has a solid capacity for the memory. I would recommend a 1GB graphics card (which it looks like your computer is already coming with). A even better investment for gaming would be to set up a Crossfire or SLI gaming system to host dual video cards for one monitor. The current mobo doesn't offer a 2nd PCIe slot to host the 2nd card. It would be in your interest if you could upgrade the mobo to do so if you are going to be a heavy gamer and plan to keep this rig for several years as your main gaming station.

Now upgrading RAM is always good in general, but really depends on what you will be doing. If you plan to run a couple programs in the background while playing your games it would be better to have more RAM. More RAM allows you to multi-task multiple programs without running into deadlocks. 4GB of RAM is perfect for the normal use of a computer.


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You shouldnt have to upgrade anything on your PC, 4GB is plenty for games even like Crysis, and your GPU is plenty as well. It should be a best of a computer. And easily play any game you throw at it.


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Keep in mind that you need to be running a 64bit operating system in order to use more than 4GB of RAM. If the system you are looking at has a 32bit operating system adding extra RAM won't do anything.