Should I upgrade my video card?

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I've decided to finally put an end to the nagging question, "Should I upgrade my video card?". Today I'll be benchmarking two cards: one of ATI's latest offerings - the Radeon 9700 Pro - and my old video card, a Trident TGUI9440.

Here's a shot of the 9700: Radeon 9700

And one of the Trident: TGUI 9440

To give an accurate depiction of the maximum performance of each card, I'll be benchmarking each one in the operating system it performs best in. For the 9700: Windows XP Professional, and for the Trident: DOS 6.0

First, a screenshot of the 9700 in action: 3dmark 2003

The Radeon managed an impressive 4500 3dmarks in 3dmark 2003!

And a shot of the Trident in action: 3dmark 2003

We can see that the Trident was unable to run the benchmark due to an incompatibility with the program. One would think that this would prove that the Radeon is a superior card. However, since the Trident finished the benchmark in less than a second, this proves that it is a much faster card and it is far superior to the Radeon.

In conclusion, it is obvious that video cards have made absolutely no progress in the past several years, and I have decided that I do not need to upgrade my video card. It would simply be a waste of money.
OMG man.... if your using that trident, then yeah its time for it to go.
the 9700 is supposed to be amazing, but if your on a budget the 9500 is the best
Haha, no I was just joking around.. I've actually got a 9700 Pro. That Trident card is out of an old Pentium 175mhz I've got sitting around in my basement. Boy that card was top-o-the-line back in its day - a whopping 256 colors at 1024x768!
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