Should I just stick with my older OS or upgrade to windows XP?

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Im running on a older thinkpad laptop with windows 98. Would it slow down my laptop if installed XP? Would that be to hard for my little 300 ghz laptop to handle?
Three Hundred Gigahertz?! Yeah sure put XP on, it will boot a nanosecond or so slower than 98.

But no, I think you mean 300Mhz, and XP wouldn't run nicely. It's too slow on my 700Mhz.
macdude425 said:
It's not worth it. Stay with 98.

Yeah, stay with 98, I tried upgrading my pentium II 350 to Home and it spat the dummy really bad (froze etc)

Stay with 98 man .... unless you want to buy a new laptop {evil laugh}
if you can upgrade the ram go with xp. xp is a resource hog. but i install xp on 300mhz machines with 384 to 512 mb of ram and they ran fine
I don't know what you all are smoking I am running a 2.40ghz desktop on XP and it loads fine you all should check for spyware and otehr various killers. Your laptop surpasses my desktop and my desktop was designed for XP. Go for it. And also you only need 128 RAM for XP but I recommend at least a minimum of 256 RAM as does Microsoft.
a regular computer need at least 512. 256 is fine if you run a few programs and no AV and firewall. most people uses an AV ,spyware and firewall with quite a few programs and that seriously slows up a computer. if you do video editing, you need to start at 1 gig
Tyler1989 said:
Nonsense I do video editing and my 480 RAM does the job fine.

whatever. you just don't notice the performance loss becuase you don't have 1 gig. try using adobe premiere with just 480 mb

when I say video editing, I don't mean ripping and shrinking dvds
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