Should I just build a new computer?


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Hey again guys, I just posted a thread about upgrading my CPU, but I was looking around the internet and now I'm wondering if it would be better just to build a new PC all together. I have a Dell XPS Desktop Gen 5, its a few years old, anyways, the specs are:

CPU : Intel 3.2 Ghz Dual Core
RAM : 3 GB cheap stuff
Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB
HD : 250 GB

And I'm purely interested in Gaming, specifically getting ready for Battlefield : Bad Company 2!

Thanks for the help.


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Yes you want to build a new computer. Refer to your original post about the cpus for my amazing and long comment :p. Any information you are looking for will be there. Feel free to check my website and give me a ring for any advise before 6pm eastern time.