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lo been around for a few weeks now, im a 19 yr old System Administrator from London, Uk . i am also studying (very part time) for my Masters in Computer Science.

When im not at work im out drinking ;) and when im not doing that im usually at home working on various coding projects

any question you have on setting up windows 2000 servers using AD and Exchange, or any linux questions including the setting up of samba and running networks with it feel free to send my way

a little list of skills
tcpip (both models)
most network protocols
95/98 and 2k
Suse, mdk, gentoo,slack and redhat
wireless network security
general netsec
delphi, kylix, php, java

think thats about it but please test me :)
Welcome to the Tech Forums! Good to have you, Im sure your skills will help alot, and perhaps you'll learn something along the way too!
excellent, but that sig is a bit garish. can you size it down a bit?
Welcome to Tech Forums djcomplexfs.

Can you please make you sig a little smaller?

hellow friend and welcome to Tech Forums.
thanks for doing this introduction, I'm sure we'll find your skills useful.
Enjoy you stay m8.. :)
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