Short Tutorial: Introduction to Linux.


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I thought I'd try to explain what the intimidating world of Linux is and try to break down what you actually get from an operating system that has global dominance in the world of software.

What is Linux? Well, Linux is an Operating System. An Operating System being a piece of Software that will make the hardware being your electrical device work. Linux despite popular belief of not free. Linux is in fact open source. Linux has the possibility to be very inexpensive to very expensive in a very short amount of time. A lot of people install various distributions free of charge but when it comes to corporations and business Linux has a very large global market and from what I'm lead to believe its ever growing.

Linux as an operating can power you tablets, your phones, your PCs, your laptops, your smart TVs and even the likes of servers. Servers being the actual computers you will connect to when say for example you go to or Facebook even.

Linux is used by the likes of various Governments, NASA, Businesses, regular people and chances are you if you have an Android Phone.

Linux comes in many flavors called distributions. These distributions what are operating systems as I've said power you electric devices but these distros can vary from security orientated, to network orientated, simple desktop OSs, servers, mobile and so forth.

A popular distro of Linux us Ubuntu. Pronounced U-bun-tu was developed around simplicity, ease of use and freely given away on whats called live CD's. Their are at least as of now as I sit hear and type this at least a couple of hundred variations of Linux distros.

Way back many many moons ago, Linux was developed in the early 1990s back in 1991 and was a solid base of code called the kernel what would power up the hardware in side of a PC. Over the years you have had major advancements in tech and their for in 2017 you now have a GUI that is shipped with most of the Linux OS's. A GUI being a Graphical User Interface. You windows desktop if you run Microsoft Windows will have a GUI but that GUI will be based on completely different software under the hood than Linux.

In the likes of Linux Mint, you have: xfce, KDE, MATE, and Cinnamon. These flavors are just that. Flavors on what the user would prefer based on a different GUI (Desktop) for each OS.

With Linux you have the likes of Ubuntu and Debian, then you have the likes of Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat. A Debian based Linux OS is among the most popular OSs in the world especially for the likes of Ubuntu what is based on the .deb repositories.

Updates with Linux can be provided by the community threw official release channels unlike Windows what is to be provided by Microsoft only as the source code is not open.

Overall Linux is a very stable operating system as its tried and tested and constantly updated by the community, and developers a like.

This short tutorial is no way meant to be 100 comprehensive as with Linux the market is rapidly growing all the time. If you are interested in learning the Nix* OS, pick up a book, ask Google or do some research in general to broaden your horizons..

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