shimmering problem

adrian krstisto

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I just upgraded my mobo/vid card/and processor and i still have the same problem with shimmering!

i tried all the tweaks, negative clamps etc... high quality..

should i re-install windows?

i do remember installing a wrong chipset a while back but i got a new mobo now so im not sure that will make a difference

sli 7800gtx512

asus due support mobo

cpu 30/40 - water cooling
mobo 35/45
card 60/75

i also use a 550 psu antec
2gigs ram

please help me

adrian krstisto

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Texture crawling, as we are calling it, is basically where it looks like there are little marching ants crawling on your texture as you move away and toward it. For example walking down a path in WoW and you see that on the ground is a wavy or shimmering pattern that moves with you. You can read all about Moiré patterns here. It is really bad on NVIDIA GPUs with default driver settings in WoW. ATI also suffers from this but it isn't as bad as it is on NVIDIA GPUs.

Texture crawling and moiré are not something you can see in a screenshot, it can only be represented with movement. In the above screenshot of Half Life 2: Episode 1 we out outlined a portion of road in this map. This is one area we saw texture crawling and moiré as we moved down the road. It was visible on both ATI and NVIDIA hardware, but worse on NV hardware. Any places with detailed textures like this road you can spot texture crawling.


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uh.. more detail? i don't seem to understand.. but if you upgraded your hardware already, maybe it's the monitor?....