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Hello! I have a Windows 2000 Server computer with two network cards and everything needed to share an Internet connection. I would like to basically bridge the LAN (all of my computers connected to the one port) to the WAN (the other network card, which would run to a DSL modem, cable router, other network, or whatever the case may be for Internet access). I know that the LAN card should have it's IP address defined manually and the WAN card be set to obtain an IP from DHCP. But, I need to run software on my server to function as the DHCP server and Internet connection sharing software. I know that Windows 2000 Server has this software included, but have no idea how to use it. Does anyone know of where I can find tutorials on this kind of thing? I have been successful when using software such as WinGate ( but would like to know how to do so using Windows 2000 Server alone. Thanks in advance for any help and tutorials!
It sounds as though you have MultiHomed your 2000 Server, I would suggest that if your Lan is less than 10 stations to make all the IP's Static.

On the Server, You have you one NIC grabbing an IP from Your internet Service Provider, On the Other NIC you manually address the IP/subnet mask ( gateway blank)

On the WorkStations, Assign IP's in the same range with subnet mask and the default gateway as

continue the increment on the number of workstations x.x.0.3, etc..always put the default gateway in as

this should work for don't HAVE to install DHCP on your server in this manner.. *unless you want to??*

Personally, I moved to XP to do my internet connection sharing, it is simple easy, clean, and the Primary XP machine automatically assigns IP's for you , so there is little to no configuring required..

What about connection sharing

Three things:

1. Let's say I did want to use DHCP. How would this be done with Windows 2000 Server?

2. Don't I need to enable some kind of Internet connection sharing, even if I am not using DHCP? Will the Windows 2000 Server computer automatically bridge the two networks it is connected to (LAN and WAN) or is there configuration needed?

3. In my previous networking experience, I was unfamiliar with IP addresses and the like. Do computers need to have similar IP addresses in order to share/access files in Windows? How similar do the IP addresses need to be? What protocol is used when files are to be shared/accessed by using the Windows 'share files' option?

on the first,, yes you could install a DHCP service on the Win2k server, this would be done with the add/remove OS option in add/remove programs in control panel, now if you do enable this option, you are able to set an active scope of addresses,, say for instance - (or smaller)x.x.x.100?

I dont have a win2k server in front of me right now, but on it , in the administrative tools there is a Microsoft Management Console option, in there you are able to config most things,,

As for the Internet Connection sharing, this is not like win98, using a multihomed server, you are, essentially, making the server a router, using the first NIC as your gateway... so no you do not NEED to enable ICS

You will however, either have to make the server provide IP forwarding, or have the users "logon" to the win2k server for an IP address, and Internet access, this is good if you want to apply permissions to accounts etc..

To clarify, I am thinking that you have a home LAN, and a win2k server setup to share the Internet(WAN) connection?

On the TCP/IP thing, yes, like anything an IP address is like your House Address, and your Postal Code, in order for computers to "see" each other , they have to be in the same neighbourhood, hence "network Neighbourhood"

So if your house number is "7" = "" and your postal code is "N1G 6S9" = and to get out of your neighbourhood to another neighbourhood you need to travel on "Highway 401" = gateway

Your neigbour would be "9" = with the same postal code "N1G 6S9" = and he/she uses the "401" as the highway too, then yes they will see each other.

For sharing files, you will have to go into the network properties and either add file and print sharing to the machines, or enable file and print sharing on the machines, after a reboot, you will have the option from a right click to share files and to whom,,,

This really is an entire course to understand the whole concept completely,,

hope this helps somewhat,,,

Windows 2000 sharing in detail

Could you explain how to set up either IP forwarding, user logon to Windows 2000, or Internet Connection Sharing? Also, which method would be best?

On file sharing, I have installed file sharing and configured shared folders. Still, the computers cannot see each other in Network Neighborhood.
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