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We've just installed microsoft sharepoint server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and are trying to learn all about it. A problem I am having, that I can't seem to resolve, is assigning user friendly url's to the sharepoint sites that we are creating. When a site or app is created it gets a default url in the form of "http://[server name]:[port #]". we would like to change these to something more friendly like " or mysite.lan". I have tried assigning this type of url during the creation of the site, I have also tried changing it using alternate access mapping. None of it works, when attempting to go to that site in IE it goes to dell's google search page. I have added a new host (a) record in dnsmgmt and pointed it to the ip of the sharepoint server, I have added host headers in IIS manager, I have done these independently and together, but nothing seems to work. So what is the proper procedure for changing the url of a sharepoint site?