shared memory upgrade?

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i have a laptop with shared video memory. I hear this means it takes away from the main memory of 512mb. I was wondering if i upgraded this will it still take away from the main memory or do i have to stick with the memory it has to be use the video card
Well if it is shared, no matter what it is going to take from the system memory. Whatever the card is rated at, that is what it will take from the system. If you upgrade the system RAM, it will still take the same amount as before (Say 32MB) but that will be less detrimental to the system as it will have more RAM to make up for the RAM that is missing.
so taking from the system ram will be the same as before but ill just have more ram to work with?
Pretty sure, I think that is hardware that determines the ram that the video card will take. However, I'm not entirely sure. There may be mods you can do to change that, but I couldnt tell you.

Yes, installing more RAM will just get you more RAM to work with.
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