ShadowGamers: Now With Free TV Downloads!

Our new forumer site has many features, and even more cool things are added every day. Our community focuses on gaming and computer graphics, but you can talk about anything there. A unique feature of our forum is: The more you post, the bigger the payout. By posting more, you gain access to awesome free downloads of TV Shows, Songs, and eBooks. Plus, we also have a shoutbox, with an arcade/radio on the way (Will be installed within 1 week). We have great skins and professional looks. Come join this great community at:ShadowGamers

Also, these downloads ARE legal. You will not be able to see the downloads section or many other features until you post at least 15 posts.

Some featured downloads are episodes of LOST: Season 2, Great Photoshop Tutorials, and many other TV Shows/Legal Music.

We also have a marketplace for selling/buying/trading goods!