Severe depression sucks

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Dude severe depression sucks. The thing is i didn't even know i had it. I hate the medication i have to take. It makes me feel like i am in the clouds. If my posts get kinda loopy this is why.
hey neb, ive been suffering from severe depression for about 2 years now.. and i didnt know i had it either.

but dude, if you need anyone to talk to at any time im here.
i feel your pain man... im the same way. Along with 10 other mental disorders. Oh well... shit happens, and im off the drugs finally. They just numb you... Medication/anger management... etc etc never helped me, just made it worse... Sorta like putting makeup on skin cancer.
Sometimes when I pour too much syrup on my waffles, they become soggy and I can no longer eat them. They didn't get to live their life-long goal, which saddens me.

Please support the D.W.O. (Depresssed Waffle Organization).
Been there... actually still kind of there... it does get better. I'm on welbutrin (zyban) right now... not too many side effects and it has been working well for me. If the medication you're taking now still isn't working that well for you in a month, ask your doctor about it. You ever just want to talk just message me on yahoo, my id is on my profile :)
Been there too. Actually realizing I might have it. Sad thing is I'm too poor and the f***ed up state of Kentucky won't do a damn thing to help me...
I'm taking Celexa for serverely low serotonin. Instead of depressed, I get extremely angry. Now I'm better.

Only if they could make medicine for mathmatical learning disorder. If anyone wants to chat, let me know.
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