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I know this is a really noobish topic, but I really nead help in building my computer. I thought I would know what to do, but I've been reading articles online and such, and I've promptly become confused. I've tried searching websites, but all their "build your own computer" advice is dated and unhelpful. If anyone can refer to a new website (that includes setting up things like amd64 processors, sata drives, sli). OR, if anyone here can help me build it, that would be great.

I've already got most of my parts, I just need help with the actual building of the thing.

Here are a few questions I've got:
1. I read that before installing the hard drives (i'm installing two sata in raid), I should configure the rest of the mobo stuff, boot up the BIOS and do some stuff in there and then open the case again, install the hard drives and install windows. Can anyone give me a specific procedure I should follow while building? I've got Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe mobo, two sata drives, pc3200 ram 2x 512, and all the rest (processor,sound card, optical/floppy drives, gpu, etc) And can anyone tell me what to do in BIOS when setting up partitions and raid and stuff? Or am I just being stupid and is this all in the manual....

2. I got an Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe mobo, but I need the Sil 3114 or NV Drivers to install RAID 0. Where are these available? and how do I install Raid after I get these files?


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gamja.namja said:
thanks for the info wombat

yea, I already have all the parts, but eh, I like athlon
Your welcome mate. :D

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