Setting up home network - Win Server 08


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I am currently trying to reconfigure my home network so that I can better monitor how each computer is using resources and Internet bandwidth, and so i can later use it as a web server. My current set up consists of just a DSL modem plugged into the phone line and all the computers connect to that, wether directly of via switches.
I want to employ a central pc that all the devices connect to access the internet and network resources. The setup I am thinking of is this:
DSL modem connects to phone the line, ONLY the central pc connects to DSL modem via NIC1, NIC2 connects to switch that serves only MY computers, NIC3 connects to other house members switch that serves their computers.
All devices need internet access and must communicate with each other.
I have already installed windows server 2008 (not r2) on the central pc and tried setting up RRAS, DHCP, and DNS but they dont seem to like the fact I'm using 3 NICs, some devices can access some other devices, some cannot, and no devices (except the central pc) have internet access.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?


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Ok so iv solved my problem, and here is how I did it...

  1. Reformatted win server 08 so I had a clean slate
  2. Gave the 3 NICs static ips, each on there own subnet like so:

  • --NIC1 (connects to dsl modem): ip:, netmask:, dg:,dns: (google dns server)
  • --NIC2: ip:, netmask:, dg:blank, dns:
  • --NIC3: ip:, netmask:, dg:blank, dns:
3. Added DNS Role, created a root domain called d3m3tr1x and added googles DNS servers and my ISP DNS server ip's
4. Added DCHP Role, choose NIC2 and NIC3 as the adapters to broadcast on and set up 2 scopes - range:, ntmask:,dg: for NIC2 and the same thing with the appropriate address for NIC3
5. Added Routing and remote access Role and added All nics to the NAT section, and NIC2 and NIC3 to the DHCP relay section
6. Enabled file sharing on the server (without passwords) and gave the server network visibility.

....So now I have 2 subnets that give out valid ip info to the clients and all clients have internet access :cool:

the only problem I have left is the clients can only see the server and the other clients on the same subnet, and cant the clients on the other subnet, but il worry about that another day.

So thats how I set up a central file/print server that distributes the internet and files/printers to clients on two different network cards, with a third network card connected to a DSL modem.

Hope that helps anyone else that tries do something similiar :)