Setting up Free Wireless safely

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Echo Kilo

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I have a friend who wants to setup free wireless access in her coffee shop. She currently has DSL.

She also wants to have her two work computers use the same internet conection, but not exposed to the public.

I was going to buy two wireless routers and have the first one as the gateway and the private network with encrpytion. Then I was going to have the second router get an IP from the first (Gateway) router and serve the free wireless from the second.

Will her work computers be moderately safe? Do others have suggestions?


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The safest option would be to wire the private part of the network, however what you have described sounds like it will work. Make sure however the two computers you want to keep private have good a good firewall and AV.

Also the first wireless router (the one connected to the DSL line) will have to be the router. Turn the other one into a gateway (meaning DHCP is disabled).
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