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I'm trying to help a colleague setup dual monitors on her laptop. She wants to stop using the laptop monitor and let her desktop project onto a separate monitor, and in addition have a second monitor for the next screen.

Her laptop is plugged into a docking station with several video ports. Both external monitors are plugged in.

When I go into her display settings, I find that both external monitors are detected but only one seems to be enabled for projecting onto:

I need to know how to disable her main monitor (the one on the laptop) and enable both external monitors, one for projecting her desktop onto and the other for projecting a second screen.

Here's her computer details:

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Go to Control Panel > Power Options > Change What happens when I close the lid > On Power > Nothing

Plug the laptop into the dock and close the lid. It should detect the two monitors and display to them, not showing the laptop screen as an option.

If not, Press Windows + P to toggle through the presentation options and ensure "Extend" is selected.

EDIT: I've edited your first post to remove the screenshot. As a bit of general advice, you should redact or blur personally identifiable information... i.e. your domain and computer naming scheme.
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