Setting up a wireless home network


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This guide has been tested using the MR814 v3 router and the MA111 reciever. If you arnt using these versions, I cant guarentee that this guide will work for you. It wrote this tutorial to help those that cant seem to get it down.

Step 1 - Installing your router

Before you set it up, your modem sould look like this: (sorry for the crappy pic im using a mousepad)

Unplug both the input ad output of the modem. Plug in the cord that was in the input jack in the modem into the input jack in the router. Plug in the output into the output in the router. It should now, look like this:

Step 2 - Intalling the reciever

I cant really help you with this it all depends on the reciever you bought but generally you plug it in and run the disk that came with it. If not, read the manual! Its amazing how many people throw the instruction manual away and wing it. If you are not experiance, wingin' it will produce bad results.

Step 3 - Done!

You should be ready to go. If it doesent work, Cheak the box and see if it has a NAT firewall, Goto step 4. If it does not, still goto step 4, but it might not work.

Step 4 - Setting up the IP and DNS

Goto the computer with the router and press start, goto connect to, and press all connections. Right click on Local Area Network, and hit status, and click the support tab, and click details... Write down the IP, subnet mask, deafalt gateway, and DNS server. Goto the computer with the reciever and click start, connect to, all connections, right click wireless network connection, and press properties. You should see some items in a list. Double click on internet protocol. Type in the information you wrote down. Click ok. Your done.


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Nice artwork. Ever hear of Visio? :)

I would venture to say that there is a bit more involved in configuring a wireless network than what you've attempted to describe here. SSID, WEP or WPA security, MAC address filtering ... etc.

Plus you've given directions on how to statically input the exact same ip address of the first pc on to a 2nd pc. That can't happen ... 2 pc's with the same ip address. Yes ... subnet mask, default gateway and dns servers can be the same, but not the IP address.

If the wireless router was configured with all default settings, then the wireless adapter you put on the 2nd pc should pick up DHCP automatically if the drivers for the adapter were installed correctly ... because adapters default to obtain IP information automatically.

I'm going to get ripped for this I'm sure, but this "guide" is pretty bad in both visual aid and written instructions. Like you said ... keep the manuals for your routers and adapters. If not ... then download them again at their manufacturer websites, because this "guide" isn't much help. It's just plain goofy.


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... it was pretty helpful for beginners in networking crosscech. rpgfan nice work, but yes there are a few flaws like the ip adress one. adapters do auto


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spywarebanisher ... these diagrams are garbage ... and no they do not even help a beginner in networking. In fact, they do the opposite. The Quick Start manuals of whatever wireless router you have would be much better and geared to someone who has no networking experience. Besides ... if someone is going to create some kind of "guide" it ought to be clear of the "few flaws" that you even admit to seeing, albeit because I pointed them out.