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Hi, I'm new to this forum. My dad owns several businesses and he works in an office at home. He has a brand new IMAC that he uses. He has a building in Albany, that has cameras all over the building, every computer is connected to the cameras, my dad wants to be able to tap into those cameras. Also, he has another building in Brooklyn, and he also wants to be able to tap into those cameras as well. I'm more knowledgeable about computers than most people, but I'm not computer genius. I'm pretty well versed in computers, so if someone could help me out and tell me what to do, that would be awesome. Thanks a lot.
If they are IP cameras it exists lot of software to manage them. They has to be connected to the network, even through public internet and that you can connect to each from you computer and then u can used them.
Where can i find that information, because the camera for my dad's computer is the iMac camera already in the computer. The ones in his buildings, I have to ask, and they know less than I do, so if you tell me where to find it, I will tell you. Thanks a lot for the help so far.
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