Setting a security key for wireless router - router page does not open

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I have a Belkin 54g wireless router and a desktop PC. Along with these two, I also have a modem provided by my ISP. I (naturally) don't use the wireless router with the desktop PC. I use it for my iPod and cell phone.

Now, this is how my connection is done - the modem from the ISP has four ethernet ports from which one cable goes into the wireless router. From the wireless router, one cable goes into my PC. This arrangement enables me to connect to the internet on my PC as well as through the wireless on my iPod.

Now comes the problem. I read that to access my wireless router in order to set up a security key, I should type in the address bar. Whenever I type this, nothing opens. I just get a "Page not found" every time. I even tried doing a hard reset. Nada.

When I type, I get the router page of the modem provided by my ISP which is already configured. I am not able to get to the page of the wireless router.

Is there a problem with my connections? How do I access that elusive router page?
Your default IP of your router may not be Look at your userguide for your router. It should say what the IP is.
When I do that, I get the value of the default gateway as, which as I stated in the first post opens the config page of the router given by my ISP which is what I need to connect to the Internet. No joy, sorry.
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