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HI. I have an asus a7s333 mobo. It says I can use either pc2100 or pc2700. I am using 512mb pc2700. When checking with SIS Sandra it says I am running at 266. I thought the spd would automatically set for 333. I guess it doesn't. Anyone can give me an idea how to set this up in the bios? I have an xp2200 cpu. Bios cpu/pci freq is set at 133/33. Cpu freq is now (default I guess) at 13.5. Thanks
Will answer my own post:) From what I've been reading, my cpu,XP2200, only has a front bus speed of 266. XP2700 is the first of the line with a front bus speed of 333. So I guess I've just wasted money buying pc2700 DDR333 Ram. I thought that if the mobo supported DDR333, that's what I should use. I have noticed some system stats from other members, tho, who are running XP1700, XP1800, etc. cpus with pc2700. Is there some hidden advantage to this? I Guess I don't know all I need to know about this stuff:)
just change your memory clock in the BIOS to 166 and that will up the memory to 333mhz. If it doesn't work, change the settings back...its worth a try.
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