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Hello All!! I have a PII desktop connected to a PIII Laptop thru a Linksys 802.11b router/gateway sharing a cable modem connection. The Laptop is Win 98, the Desktop XP PRo. The DesktopXP can see the Laptop98's root drive, but the Laptop98 can't see or ping the DesktopXP. When I try to share the desktop's drive, I get a message that says "server service not started". When I try to start the server service, I get a message that says "Error 2: System cannot find specified file". They both can see the Internet, and both appear in the Router's DHCP table. Oddly enough, the network worked fine at one point.I am running NetBios over TCP/IP on DesktopXP. The network name is the same on both machines, and they have unique names. Any Ideas?? All suggestions greatly appreciated in advance!!
Microbell-Oooooh-good thought...But DesktopXP is FAT32. I don't know what's changed, but when originally set up, I could See the printer on DesktopXP from Laptop98. I have repaired XP by reinstalling, but since the family also uses the machine, it's hard to say what changed. I think the basic problem is the inability to share the root of DesktopXP. Thanks you kindly, and if you think of anything else, please post again-CitizenKen
There is a server service that can be enabled on WinXP/Win2k. From the run prompt, whlie logged in as the Administrator, enter services.msc has an excellent guide on all these services.
Seloce-thankyou for the referral-great site. However, The service fails to start, stating the service will not start because it can't find a file. I'll try reinstalling XP.

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