server harddrives


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I want to install a new hard drive to my server. I am looking online for new 250 gig hard drives. Are there any difference between a server hard drive and a PC hard drive?

The reason why I am asking is because the disk will be working all the time and long hours, it will be writing big amounts of data then deleting it after wards and all sorts. Can a PC hard drive handle this?

Simple question-Are they the same or not. If not what is the difference?

o and are there any you recomend? SATA they will need to be.
Server Hard Drive will be faster, perhaps even SCSI, and more expensive, especially if it is. Or it will be cheaper, and huge, because it wants to be an Archive.

Well then a Server one is going to be the best bet. Make sure its expensive, got good RPMs and good Cache. SCSI may be the best option, if you have the PCI Adapter for it.