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I have already added 2 e-mail accounts to my main Gmail account for the purposes of regularly checking for e-mails on my main account. Both the accounts I added were from a different e-mail provider. I had absolutely no problem adding those 2 accounts from a different provider. Then, I tried to add another Gmail account for the same purpose and I keep getting the same message "Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password." I researched the problem and tried several different things I saw online but cannot seem to get it to work! In the meantime, I have gone into the other account I wish to download from and have used the mail forwarding function to receive the e-mails. It works, but I believe that sometimes there can be fairly long delays in receiving e-mails that way. It seems the pop server method is quicker more often.

Can anyone suggest how to rectify this problem?
What do you mean by "added 2 email accounts to my main Gmail account"? Are you trying to set up an email client? What exactly are you doing? Can you be more specific and clear about the things that you are doing and the things you are trying to accomplish?
Simply adding accounts so that I can download e-mails from other e-mail accounts to my main Gmail account.
Okay, but how are you trying to do this? Are you trying to do this from the web client? Android? Email client?

When I asked for specificity I didn't mean "type everyithing again but with less words."

If you don't know how to explain more clearly, try answering to this questions:
  • Is there anything different about this account you are trying to add?
  • Is this a regular account or an account managed by an organization?
  • If it's not a regular account, have you tried to find out if there are any limitations to this type of account?
  • Have you tried searching for your problem somewhere else? (for example:
  • Did you try to solve the problem on your own first? If so, what did you try already?
I was told to avoid forwarding at all costs unless between to email on the same domain due to potential spf record mismatches.

Pop 3 is way better and has a much lower spam probability than forwarded mail, the main reason i left yahoo ( yahoo does not fetch mails ) .

I'm sure you've checked passwords, usernames, hostnames and also your ports.

I recently has an issue like this and it was in fact a self signed ssl ( My bad ) certificate that caused the failure for google to authenticate, i hadn't seen that on the web anywhere but i guess it sorta makes sense, maybe you could have a look at that.
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