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I would like to learn some server basics. I want to know the software behind all the magic. I just recieved a job as a system admin. While I have handled networks before. When it comes to running my own server hardware, I lack knowledge. I will also be creating a web site to run on this server. I need to learn ASP (VBScript) and Access Databases, the main thing is linking the two. So all I really want to know is if someone here knows somewhere I can learn some basic server fundementals.

Thank You.
Do you have to use M$ stuff or would they let you do a Linux system running something like Apache/PHP/MySQL?
My first suggestion is not to use Access.. Access is great for small to medium databases but tends to F up around 60000-65000 records. Now this may seem like alot of records at first.. and it is.. but in my experience the longer the website is running the more and more records and entries you will need to store so at some point Access may become inadequate for your companies needs.

If money is an issue then I would go with MySQL.. if not then something like SQL Server would be good.. and if your company has MEGA MONEY.. then Oracle all the way baby.. Also will you be using the new ASP .NET?
F*** ASP!!

why asp, that's the most stupid language i've ever seen!
why don't you learn perl/CGI or php.
much better!
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